It was good for me, was it good for you?

February 16, 2022 0

“A great customer relationship can be just like a great personal relationship, when you both achieve mutual satisfaction however, there can be times when just because you thought you delivered a great customer experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean the customer enjoyed it quite as much” – Rob MacDougall, CEO of TLF Research Australia. Read More

Customer Relationships Post-Covid

February 11, 2022 0

It may be a bit optimistic to talk about a “post-Covid” era, but at TLF Research we often find many similarities in our benchmarking between Customer Experience research in Australia and the UK, so we found this report from Vendigital in the UK on the importance of optimising customer relationships interesting. Read More

3 Ad Tech Trends for the APAC Media Landscape in 2022

February 4, 2022 0

2022 is a pivotal year for the media industry. Marketers, agencies, and publishers will be challenged to adapt to the shifting digital advertising landscape and meet the needs of an evolving customer. In a recent Quantcast survey of almost 600 marketers and media professionals in APAC, a few clear trends emerged around media agency and marketer expectations for 2022. Read More

Ilda Jamison on the Advertising Triangle: How Agencies, Brands, and Vendors Can Connect for Success

January 13, 2022 0

At the last Quantcast NOVA event, ‘Simply Smarter Connections,’ we highlighted the connections being forged within the constantly evolving digital advertising ecosystem, as the industry prepares for the future. I was honored to host the session, “The Advertising Triangle,” on the benefits of having a trilateral relationship with an agency, brand, and vendor that adds value to all parties. Read More

The ABCDs of AdTech Explained

November 6, 2021 0

Ad tech is a world of buzzwords and funny acronyms – from CPA to ROAS, AI to DMP, but there are also simple words that we use daily that will define our future. With the Read More

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