Quantcast Announces Availability in Australia of Industry-Leading Cookieless Solution

Compelling opportunity for customers to find new audiences and unique inventory

SYDNEY, Australia—24 November 2021: Quantcast, a global advertising technology company, today announced availability in Australia and New Zealand of its cookieless solution for the Quantcast Platform. Marketers around can future proof their advertising campaigns from today and find new audiences in cookieless environments, including Safari and Firefox.

The Quantcast Platform’s cookieless solution allows for cookieless activation with just one click and leverages multiple signals for a holistic view of the open internet. Ara™, Quantcast’s unique AI and machine learning engine, makes sense of complex, multiple signal sets to understand behavioural patterns, which allows marketers to find, activate and measure audiences without third-party cookies.

“Amidst much uncertainty, the time for marketers to get ahead of the 2023 deprecation of cookies and begin testing and activating on cookieless environments is now,” said Andrew Double, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Quantcast. “We have enabled cookieless capabilities to allow customers around the world to reach, influence, and acquire new audiences on cookieless inventory and go beyond the competition for limited cookie-based impressions and inventory.”

MFUSE, a leading advertising agency, is leveraging Quantcast Platform’s cookieless solution to help brands across the globe implement and activate advertising campaigns without the use of third-party cookies. The agency has already seen huge success across its client portfolio, most notably with its recent cookieless activation for luxury sports car brand, Aston Martin.

“The limited number of people who are realistically in-market for Aston Martin cars provides a unique challenge when looking to deliver scalable programmatic campaigns,” said Joseph Mckenna, Head of Programmatic UK & Worldwide at MFUSE. “With Quantcast’s cookieless solution, we’re able to target more of our audience and in environments where we previously couldn’t reach them, resulting in increased exposure, onsite actions, and greater campaign effectiveness.”

Learn more about the Quantcast Platform cookieless solution here.

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