How Word-Of-Mouth is an Important Tool and Why We’re Using It

Social media and digital marketing are full of people telling you why you should use a particular product or service, but nothing beats the authenticity of hearing from others and their experiences. 

Testimonials and case studies are a tried and proven method of communicating why users should trust you, and with the growth of video becoming the main source of content people seek, why not combine the two? 

One of the powerful uses of using testimonials across digital platforms is to introduce a new product or service. Audiences gain simultaneous information about what the product or service is, and a review of how it works. Take digital badges for example. What are they? How will they help you in your career? 

The importance of digital badges in an era saturated by online activity and social media is ever-present. As eLearning proves to be more and more accessible and relevant, we’re seeing a surge in professionals expanding on their existing skills, whether it be a Masters degree or a one-day course. 

How do we display these newfound skills online? That’s where digital badges are valuable. Link them to your email signature, LinkedIn profile, blog or website; they are the modern way to convey your skills to the right audience. 

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), VETASSESS has obtained written and video testimonials from successful skills assessment applicants who are in marketing-related fields. We asked them about their journey with VETASSESS, what their AMI membership provides them with, and how their VETASSESS and AMI digital badge has assisted them in their careers. 

The overall feedback was the same – their AMI memberships have provided them with ongoing learning resources not otherwise available, and the display of the digital badge on their LinkedIn, website and social media has greatly grown their networking capabilities.  

It was fantastic to hear and read positive stories of skills assessment journeys. We will continue to work on providing this important service to marketing professionals seeking a skills assessment for migration purposes. 

Check out our YouTube channel to watch Ana, MohammadReza and Annie’s testimonials, and keep an eye out on our social channels for excerpts of our other interviews. Watch Now.

VETASSESS is proud to be working with the AMI to build a global, connected and diverse workforce. 

This article was contributed by Matthew Newton, Team Leader of Business and Finance at VETASSESS. 

VETASSESS provides skills assessments for people who wish to migrate to Australia, including for the professions of Marketing Specialist, Advertising Specialist and Market Research Analyst. 

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