Arid Zone & the Ocean Bottle: Making a Splash to clean up the environment!

Aridzone & Ocean Bottle

Leading Australian promotional products company, Arid Zone, has teamed up with Ocean Bottle Co to bring the multi-award-winning carbon-negative Ocean Bottle to the Australian corporate market.

Each Ocean Bottle purchase
Saves 1000 Bottles (11.4kg plastic) from our Oceans

Through this initiative, Arid Zone will assist corporate and industry bodies to achieve their goals for ethical sourcing and corporate social and community responsibility. They will collaborate with businesses and institutions to creatively incorporate Ocean Bottle into specific marketing and CSR programs, heightening awareness amongst appropriate audiences.

Ocean Bottle Co. is a social impact organisation fully focussed on ocean plastic collection – every Ocean Bottle sold funds the collection and upcycling of 11.4kg (25lbs) plastic, equalling 1000 plastic bottles. Since inception in December 2018, Ocean Bottle Co has funded the collection of over 2.5 million kilos of Ocean Plastic through sales of 250,000 Ocean Bottles. Its mission is to stop 7 billion bottles from entering our oceans by 2025.

Arid Zone has been providing promotional products for over 30 years and recognises the importance of offering more sustainable merchandise choices to businesses and organisations. This exclusive partnership for marketing and distribution in Australia highlights the company’s pioneering spirit in helping organisations make a real difference – in this instance, limiting the use of plastic – while also offering quality branded merchandise. Boasting award-winning Scandinavian design, the Ocean Bottle is built to last with a 10-year repair and replace guarantee, and it’s completely recyclable.

If Apple designed a water bottle for life, this would be it.
The Times, September 2020 (unpaid review)

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award + Green Product Award

According to Arid Zone MD Clive McCorkell, the decision to be the Asia Pacific distributor of the Ocean Bottle™ was driven by his excitement for the vision and value of the initiative. This reflects and supports our sustainability journey through ethical and responsible sourcing our business has embarked on to reduce our collective environmental impact.

“We are really excited about the impact this product can have. It’s great to use…. I love the 180° easy twist lid,” said Clive “…and it meets BCorp, and ISO standards so certified businesses can link this into their own CSR programs.”

22 million kgs of plastic enter our ocean every day… that’s one full truckload every minute. By 2040, the amount of plastic in our ocean is expected to quadruple. Regenerating plastic is an expensive process, and collection is labour intensive. In just over two and a half years, Ocean Bottle Co has grown to engage 5,100 people at various key sites around the world, who collect and regenerate the millions of kilos of plastic sourced. To say it’s impressive would be an understatement.

Plastic is collected by locals from some of the worst affected coastal communities such as Haiti, the Philippines, Brazil, and Indonesia, who then exchange the plastic for money or receive digital credit to swap for tuition, tech goods, healthcare and micro-finance. This infrastructure is made possible with help from partners Plastic Bank who set up collection sites and ensure transactions to collectors are secure through IBM Blockchain technology.

“The overproduction of plastic and how waste is managed is a complex global problem,” Clive states. “From illegal waste shipping to lack of waste management infrastructure, it’s going to take a sustained and combined effort to turn the tide. But we can do it! By choosing Ocean Bottle™, you’re not only reducing your own plastic usage, you’re also playing an active role in keeping plastic out of the ocean, while supporting collectors in coastal communities.”

To find out more about this high impact product, please visit

Now we’ve got an opportunity to take part in preventing it from entering the ocean.

About the award-winning 500ml Ocean Bottle™

  • Keeps cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot
  • Made from double wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel and recycled content
  • The anti-leak dual opening lid makes filling and cleaning a breeze.
  • Upcycled ocean bound plastic baseplate prevents damaging surfaces
  • Easy-carry loop
  • Plus, unlike most reusable bottles, Ocean Bottle is 100% dishwasher safe

Available in six colours: Ocean Blue, Rock Grey, Sun Orange, Forest Green, Obsidian Black and Sky Blue, it measures: H: 78mm, W: 78mm, L: 240mm, and can be professionally laser engraved to feature your organisation’s logo and tagline

Going beyond plastic collection

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