AMI – ANZMAC Applied Research Grants

December 7, 2022 0

The Australian Marketing Institute and ANZMAC (Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy) today announced a new grants programme (to the value of AUD 30,000) for industry-applied research, to help bridge the gap between academia and industry. Read More

7 tips for a skills assessment for marketing professionals

October 26, 2022 0

At VETASSESS we conduct skills assessments for three marketing occupations for people planning to migrate to Australia. When we receive an application for an assessment, we want a full picture of the person’s career so that we can fully understand their skills and experience Read More

Donating and Collaborating for Impact

September 27, 2022 0

The Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal is the only national foundation specifically focused on ensuring the social and economic strength of remote, rural and regional communities. Since our inception in 2000, we have delivered nearly $155 million to more than 13,000 projects. Read More

Behaviour Change. Expecting the unexpected.

September 27, 2022 0

Changing human behaviour is crucial to meeting the challenges facing society today. The climate emergency, ongoing and re-emerging pandemics and epidemics, the rise in addictive behaviours and political polarisation are just a few of the broad and complex issues we face. It is therefore no surprise that the term ‘Behaviour Change’ is now ubiquitous both in government and social change circles. Read More

What Is A Community Manager And Why Are They So Important?

September 27, 2022 0

The community manager arguably plays the most important role in a social media marketing strategy as he/she engages with the organisation’s audience on a daily basis. It is essential that as the online audience responds to posts and openly voices their personal experiences with the organisation, a community manager is present to rapidly reply to audience feedback in a way that enables the audience to feel positive about the organisation. Read More

Do take it personally

August 24, 2022 0

How can marketers effectively translate complex data and findings into formulating simple, coherent and compelling campaigns? And while we know personalisation builds loyalty, how can we avoid it from crossing into the creepy?
Storytelling and Personalisation are the next frontier for marketers and ANZ’s Brand Academy is equipping its teams with new skills to exceed consumers’ changing expectations and help them meet their financial wellbeing needs. ANZ’s Head of Brand Strategy & Marketing, Kate Young tells all. Read More

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