Media Trading – Gen X to Gen Y

September 26, 2017 0

“No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come” ― Victor Hugo Evolution of the media landscape has made the decision-making process for advertiser’s complex and time-consuming. Lack of trusted advice has raised several Read More

The Everything Guide to Gen Z

September 19, 2017 0

Gen Z is the next threat nobody is talking about (yet) Today they’re tweens, tomorrow they’ll be running the world. Gen Z’s purchasing power sits at $44 billion and will quadruple in the next two Read More

Navigating a new digital world

September 18, 2017 0

The CIM Digital Summit 2017 will help marketers align their digital activity with their target audience. While the proliferation of digital marketing channels in recent years has produced almost limitless opportunity for marketers, it has also increased pressures Read More

Building a Business Case for Attribution

September 18, 2017 0

In order to implement a useful attribution model, you’ll need to build a strong business case for one first. Why is a strong business case for attribution important? Because attribution measurement will require some investment Read More

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