What are the effective strategies for email marketing?

Guide to effective email marketing


Marketers face two major challenges today: keeping up with the latest and greatest technologies and using them to communicate with customers in ways they expect and appreciate and which generate the greatest response. Email has matured in the last few years and while some marketers can still get by using trial and error, the pros operate sophisticated programmes incorporating data, strategy and sophisticated automation to produce customised emails that bring us as close as we can get to a one-to-one conversation with customers.


The Australian Marketers’ Guide to Effective Email Marketing 2017 by Adestra is a useful tool for all marketers.  The following 5 areas to improve your email marketing skills:

  1. Acquisition: Focus on Quality, Not Just Quantity
  2. Onboarding: Reduce Attrition, Gather Data and Start the
    Relationship Off Right
  3. Automation: ‘Incremental Innovation’ Gets You Started
  4. Conversion: Increase Conversions with Segmentation, Personalisation and Automation
  5. Attrition: As the List Churns (reduce churn with 11 tips)

Apart from these, Adestra believes First-Person Marketing makes the difference when approaching digital marketing.  One-size-fits-all communications cannot make your messages stand out and drive action from your target audience. Making ‘1:1 communications at scale’ and personalisation possible can ensure the right person gets the right message at the right time via the right channel.

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The guide has summarised 5 key ideas from the study:

  1. Technology adoption is wide and deep across generations.
  2. iPhone/iOS and Gmail dominate among smartphone users.
  3. Australians use smartphones to check email first thing every day.
  4. Most email users have at least two email addresses and reserve
    one for low-value messages.
  5. Email rules over all other channels for business communications.


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