Year in Review with Senior Marketers: Carla Rossi-Zalmons

What kept you awake at night during 2017?

Data selection, time boxing and customisation . We are not short of big data here at Deloitte but selecting the right data at the right time and simplifying our messaging to cut through certainly kept me awake at night. Moving to an agile work environment meant I had to put aside my beloved 12 month marketing plan in place for shorter goals delivered in much shorter time frames. While time boxing was a challenge at first I have come to see the many benefits which I will carry over to 2018.

What have you achieved this year?

A new dimension to my portfolio has been designing and implementing a change management capability for our business. The rate of change in our organisation has ramped up considerably, and the need to facilitate change for both staff and clients became evident early in the year as we put the spotlight on evolving our technology journey and customer experience model. Applying my marketing skills to deliver a change communications framework for our business has been a critical part of our success this year and a fantastic learning opportunity for me. Disruption can be fun and I certainly encourage any marketer to challenge their skills and try something different.

What is your marketing prediction for 2018?

For me it’s all about VOICE technology and its applications as a marketing channel. With Google and Apple creating a new category in the market using voice technology, I see this as an exciting channel for marketers next year. From predictive voice recognition to translation apps, marketers can bring absolute personalisation to their customer experience. The data analysed from voice applications should bring advertisers a new dimension of insights which is sure to bring new revenue streams for brands and media organisations in 2018.

Carla Rossi-Zalmons, Marketing & Change Director, Deloitte Private Connect

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