Why advertisers are getting it wrong in 2017

Okay advertisers, brace yourselves because this might hurt a little. Our latest insights from a national survey we recently rolled out suggest that advertising isn’t working the way industry professionals had once thought. In our chat with exec. Stephen Yolland of Magnum Opus Partners (MOP), he reveals the top 3 issues facing the advertising industry which are “leaving customers cold” and uninspired in 2017:

1. CONTENT: Not interesting or generating emotional impact

2. PLATFORM: There has been a switch in spend which isn’t always delivering ROI

3. LENGTH: TV commercials are now shorter causing brands to lose their ability to imprint

The findings confirm that, to remain at the forefront, brands must listen closely to their customers and create and effectively disseminate content that leaves a lasting impact.

Read more of Kristy Ihle’s post on LinkedIn.

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