When agile marketing is not Agile Marketing

TrinityP3’s Zena Churchill argues that not only is the term ‘agile marketing’ being misused, it is also being misunderstood.

Agile Marketing isn’t just another buzzword. It’s a term that has taken on a life of its own within the marketing industry, yet it’s still a difficult concept for marketers to grasp and employ. While there are brands who have successfully implemented agility into their marketing teams, there are just as many calling their marketing agile when it’s actually just fast or worse reactive. Reactivity is not agility. Just because your marketing team are reacting quickly does not mean they are practicing agile marketing.

Mumbrella’s Zena Churchill has spoken with or worked closely with brands who believe they are practicing agility in their marketing. And while they may be employing some elements of what you would find in an agile marketing function, such as social listening or campaign testing, they are not implementing the more critical elements of agility.

Read the full article to find out the four reasons you should stop calling your marketing agile.

Zena Churchill is a senior consultant at TrinityP3. This post was orginally published on the TrinityP3 blog .

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