We interviewed some of our State and Emerging Marketer Chairs to get their throughts on AMI and what’s happening in 2017….

Simone Douglas,  State Chair (SA)


What excites you about being part of the AMI? 

AMI has had a period of refocus and consolidation so being the Chair of SA right now is really exciting because we have a great opportunity to reach out to local members and build the local AMI community.

What do you wish for in 2017?

 I am looking forward to seeing a more robust opportunity for Marketing professionals to connect in real time and develop meaningful peer to peer relationships that allow for knowledge sharing within the space.

Emma Pederson, Emerging Marketers Chair (SA)


What excites you about being part of the AMI? 

As a young graduate myself working in the PR industry nearly a decade ago (how time flies!), I was fortunate enough to be part of a young practitioners group which ran networking events for students and young professionals in the Adelaide PR/communications industry. The hands-on skills I learnt and the contacts I made from my time on the committee proved to be invaluable for me in building up my own personal brand. As the new Chair of the Emerging Marketers committee, I’m really excited about giving the next generation of students and young professionals coming through the same opportunities to build their own networks and to connect with experienced professionals working in the industry.

 What do you wish for in 2017?

A thriving, engaged and active marketing community in Adelaide. Also, as a die-hard Essendon fan, a few more wins this AFL season would also be nice!

Rhonda Chapman, Emerging Marketer Chair (WA)


What excites you about being part of the AMI? 

I’m excited to be part of the AMI because I get the opportunity to learn from other marketers, especially those leading the industry, so I can develop my career. My membership also offers many perks, including discounts, exclusive resources, and networking with my peers. As a committee member, I enjoy playing a key and active role in supporting other marketers at different stages of their careers. I’m proud to be able to contribute to their future.  

What do you wish for in 2017?

In 2017, I wish to see more emerging marketers stepping forward to support one another and to benefit from our great network of experienced and highly qualified marketers. I also wish to see more senior marketers, agencies and lecturers get involved. There are many budding marketers looking for real-life and individualised learning experience. Together, we can help prepare them with extensive skills and knowledge so they have the confidence to succeed in this industry. 

Tim Nicholas, Emerging Marketer Chair (NSW)


What excites you about being part of the AMI?

The opportunities it provides to mentor young marketers (through the Emerging Marketers program) and professional development through attending AMI-run events and networking at those events with other marketers.

What do you wish for in 2017?

For marketing to be given more recognition and status in corporate boardrooms.

Nick Kariotoglou, AMI Board Director


What excites you about being part of the AMI? 

Being part of the AMI is being connected to people. Marketing is about looking internally and externally to society and ourselves and providing either technology push or market pull to consumers… I know what I want from life. I know words are just words, but being a part of marketing for me is that I’m much more attuned to peoples actions and emotions rather than words – with that, marketing is understanding what people really want and providing it to them ONLY if they need it… no hard selling here !

What do you wish for in 2017?

My Wish List for 2017 is as follows:

1)      To think and act deliberately, rather than from fears based upon past experiences

2)      An ability to enjoy each moment

3)      A loss of interest in judging others

4)      A loss of interest in judging myself

5)      A loss of interest in conflict

6)      A loss of worry

7)      Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation

8)      Contented feelings of connectedness with other and with nature

9)      Frequent attacks of smiling through the heart

10)   Increasing susceptibility to kindness offered and the uncontrollable urge to reciprocate

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