Welcome Frank to the AMI Accreditation and Endorsement Committee

Frank Alpert is an Associate Professor of Marketing at UQ Business School, The University of Queensland. Originally from the USA, he received his PhD in Marketing from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, but immigrated to Australia 20 years ago and has lived here since. He has received both the Distinguished Educator Award and the Distinguished Researcher Award from the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy, the highest awards for marketing academics in our region. He is an expert in Keller Customer-Based Brand Equity model for measuring, assessing and growing brand equity.

Frank is a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute and a Certified Practicing Marketer. Recently he joined the Australian Marketing Institute’s Accreditation and Engagement Committee because he believes that intelligent, state-of-the-art marketing is the shared goal of both academics and practitioners, and that we must work together to develop our discipline and earn more respect for marketing among non-marketing academics and practitioners.

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