Virtual Storytelling & Vino

Last Thursday, we dialled it up a notch, and the AMI NSW State Committee hosted Visual Storytelling and Vino with a twist. With over 200 people registered nationally, marketers, communicators and folk who wanted to learn how to translate their ideas into pictures tuned into for a hands-on session with Simon Banks – visual storyteller extraordinaire.

Visual storytelling is the backbone of marketing and communications. If we can visually tell a story, our audiences and customers are 22 times more likely to remember the data and facts alone. And our brains love visuals.

Our participants had their textas, paper and beverages in hand and even their kids by their side as we honed our visual drawing skills to engage our audiences, customers and stakeholders better. It was hands-on, fast-paced and fun. We all learned to drown out the Ogre inner voice that tells us we can’t draw. And with a few simple lines and shapes, we managed to bring our ideas to life.

Head to AMI MemberHub to replay the session or to see what you missed out on. Not an AMI member? Click here to join AMI today!

Zeina Khodr
NSW State Committee Member

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