What are your consumers thinking? Ask them for free in our upcoming survey of 1000’s of Australians!

TLF Research are about to conduct a nationwide omnibus-style study of thousands of Australians and are inviting Australian businesses to enjoy some ‘freesearch’ where they can ask some survey questions and get a report with insights, all for free!

It will be a nationally representative sample of Australians across a wide range of consumer shopper categories, so if you can think of some business intelligence you need, we can give you the answer.

Perhaps you would like to understand your consumers’ mindsets or are looking for the best way to re-engage customers following the disruption of COVID-19. Maybe you have some new marketing communications that you would like to test to see how well they will resonate with consumers. Or, maybe you just have a burning question you would like to ask consumers to help understand what’s going on in your market.

Not only can you get some research for free, but you can also leverage TLF’s pioneering new research methodology, Mind Goggles, which focuses on how consumers think and not just what they think. When you put them on, you can:

  • Shape and refine your communications, brand positioning and messaging
  • Use language that will re-engage and build rapport with audiences
  • Drive behaviour-change by understanding the thought processes that block change
  • See your brand through the consumer’s lens that the consumer isn’t even aware of
  • Re-frame your consumer segmentation thinking with a new layer of insight
  • Profile your entire customer database with a whole new lens

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

To find out more information and secure yourself some free insights just reach out before space fills up:


+61 434 249 300

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