The value of mentoring in progressing your career

There is no doubt that there are considerable benefits to be gained through career-based mentoring.

From an individual’s perspective,  being mentored by someone more experienced and with a different perspective than you, rather than learning from your own experience, can accelerate your learning and development and can open up career opportunities.

Mentoring is important because it provides individuals with the opportunity to develop and become more competent in their current roles as well as preparing them for career growth opportunities in the future.

Mentoring is applicable regardless of whatever stage you are at in your career, but may take on either formal or informal forms.

Many organisations provide opportunities for participation in a workplace-based mentoring program, or support participation in an externally facilitated mentoring program.

There’s no doubt that a formal mentorship program, such as the AMI’s Emerging Marketers Program, allows mentors and mentees to have a relationship that’s productive and beneficial to all involved. The structure and accountability provided in this program, such as defined goals, mentor/mentee training, and an established platform of communication, can elevate the connection beyond the confines of informal mentoring.

Whilst mentoring has a range of benefits for individuals, in particular career and professional development progression, providing mentoring opportunities can be key for organisations that want to attract new talent, retain existing employees (particularly high performers), or better engage employees. To find out more about the AMI’s Emerging Marketer Program for 2023.

Andrew Thornton
AMI Chair

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