The Top 5 Marketing Podcasts and how they can benefit YOU!

Sitting in a waiting area, training hard in the gym or going on an early morning run? All tasks seem impossible to do whilst simultaneously holding and reading an educational book. Gone are the days where you must sit patiently and waste time trying to search online or read to improve your marketing skills. Podcasts give you the ability to perform other tasks whilst listening, Allowing for a productive form of learning in scenarios we previously couldn’t imagine, writes Bradley Littlefair, AMI’s Marketing Assistant Intern.

80% of marketers self-study! Be productive with podcasts; because as a Marketer, every minute counts when you could be learning something new

Podcasting is different from the visual form of webinars in the way that it involves latent listening – that is to say, you can listen and multitask at the same time. Webinars are usually an online event in real-time that involve engagement between an audience and presenter. Whereas, podcasts have a raw unscripted element about them, mentors and industry leaders can express their opinions and beliefs in a clear, unstructured format. It doesn’t feel like they are teaching or talking at an audience, it rather feels like entertainment instead of education. That combined with a passive listening environment make it an essential learning tool that ALL marketers should be using.

But with so many options on the market, where should your search begin? To save you the hard work I have compiled my list of the Top 5 Marketing podcasts you NEED to be listening to.

1) MarketingScoop by SEMrush:

The digital marketing platform started in August 2017 and combines educational knowledge backed by recognized industry experts including Barry Schwartz and Larry Kim. Find in-depth discussions on SEO, Advertising, Content Marketing, and Success stories.

2)Social Media Marketing Podcast:

Hosted by Social Examiners’ CEO, Micheal Stelzner, the podcast has been rated in the top 10 marketing podcasts over the past 6 years. You will find a range of content from valuable marketing tips to interviews with experts, compacted with information to optimise your content. If you want a more engaging social media profile, I suggest you take a listen.

3)The GaryVee Audio Experience:

If you haven’t already heard of Gary Vaynerchuck, then get out from under your rock and jump onto his podcast. Gary is a pioneer in the world of entrepreneurship, mindset, and marketing. His insight, knowledge and unique outlook on the world is second to none. The podcast, like Gary, is unconventional – He shares different pieces of audio from keynote speeches, blogs, and interviews. If you are looking to learn from one of the industry’s best, listen to this podcast.

4) Copyblogger FM:

Hosted by Sonia Simone, this podcast is great way to learn about all things content marketing. Each week she brings something new and exciting as a host and features awesome experts in content marketing, email marketing, copywriting, conversion optimisation, mindset and many more. If you are looking at improving your content creation skills, this is the podcast for you.

 5) Call to Action Podcast:

Hosted by Unbounce, the podcast is an extension to the great contributions the company has been making in the marketing community. They are known for insights when it comes to building a landing page and optimising for conversions. Expect to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and hear from experts on tips about conversion rate optimisation, pay per click marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and many more.

So do yourself a favor and tune in to one of these marketing gems. It may just help you land your next job or improve your performance at work. In an ever-changing industry, it is important that we marketers use our time wisely. And podcasts help us do just that!

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About the author

Bradley Littlefair 
Australian Marketing Institute Intern

Bradley Littlefair is a Finance and Marketing graduate pursuing a career in Content Marketing. With strong sales and marketing skills, coupled with telemarketing, social media and customer service experience, Bradley’s rich experience travelling the world give him a depth of knowledge that many 22-year-old’s cannot replicate. In addition to his professional career he has founded and organically grown a social media platform with over 45k followers cross platform. He creates, produces and optimises content on a weekly basis. And enjoys using his passions as leverage for his creative outlets.

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