The State of Engagement

Customer empowerment is heightening the job security risks of chief marketing officers, who are struggling to keep up with new digitally driven ways to engage, satisfy and enrich the experience of more mobile, savvy and fickle consumers.

According to this study from the CMO Council, 75 percent of CMOs believe their jobs are on the line if their customer experience strategies are unsuccessful. Moreover, nearly half of marketing respondents believe it is possible their jobs will be at risk should technology investments fail, even though there are other factors that have a direct impact on the role.

Surprisingly, only 10 percent of marketers are able to tie customer experiences back to business goals. Meanwhile, 80 percent are unable to or can only sometimes connect channels of engagement back to business impact. The research is based on an online audit of 211 senior marketing executives and insights gleaned from qualitative interviews with brand leaders at Coca-Cola, Aston Martin, and more.

Download the full report by CMO Council here.

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