The secrets of forming a like-minded, value-add partnership

Sarah Campbell, Executive Director at AMSRO, is committed to working with like-minded organisations such as the AMI, where sponsorship supports AMSRO’s long-term objective to represent and enhance the research, data and insights industry. The AMI Awards enable AMSRO’s 90+ member companies to showcase the AMSRO brand and the member organisation’s commitment to quality research and industry leadership across their three pillars – Risk, Privacy and Trust. Sarah’s advice to anyone considering sponsoring for the AMI awards next year? Take advantage of the sponsorship opportunities available to you and leverage AMI’s communications channels to generate publicity, brand awareness and increase your brand profile across the marketing sector.   

Sarah Campbell, Executive Director at AMSRO

The AMI community is always happy to share leads and support other businesses. How do you think sponsoring the AMI awards has helped you create more business relationships?

The AMI sponsorship works for AMSRO across several levels:

  • It recognizes and promotes the valuable work AMSRO member companies provide across market research, data and insights
  • It provides AMSRO members access and exposure across the commercial and government marketing sector (up to 55,000 marketers)
  • It creates a like-minded, value add partnership for the organisations and their respective members.

How has this sponsorship given you an advantage in collaborating with other businesses?

The tailored sponsorship package has enabled AMSRO members to attend the Awards and build client relationships. It also provides AMSRO’s members an opportunity to showcase their most recent achievements in a room of senior marketers and across the AMI platform.

The AMI Awards attract highly interested customers from a niche audience. Can you share an example of how the sponsorship opportunity has allowed you to engage with people in your target audience.

Images from last year’s the AMSRO sponsored Consumer Insights Award winner, EY Sweeney, supported AMSRO member communications and trade press coverage, which in turn raised brand awareness and the profile for AMSRO and its members commitment to quality research for their client/s.

The AMI Awards is a great long-term way to leverage your investment by creating leads. In which way has sponsoring AMI provided a platform to leverage your investment?

The AMI Awards support AMSRO’s strategic direction and objective to increase brand awareness and profile. Furthermore, it raises our company member profiles and their commitment to providing legitimate, high-quality market research. This also presents AMSRO with greater exposure and in turn increases B2B opportunities for our members.

AMI channels such as its website and member communications provide coverage and links to the AMSRO Trust Mark company directory. It’s a ‘win win’ for the organisations as this collaboration brings greater awareness and the opportunity for AMI members to find a trusted research organisation.

About AMI Awards Sponsorship:

AMI offers a range of tailored state and national-based sponsorship packages to help you reach your target audience and showcase your brand to the industry’s key decision makers.  Providing an excellent opportunity for networking and face-to-face communication with the industry’s key decision-makers, sponsoring AMI’s Awards also enables you to form long term relationships with potential customers.

For information about AMI National & State Awards sponsorship and partnership opportunities get in touch with Johanna Herrera on (02) 8256 1652 or send an email to

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