The Rise of the Chief [Insert Trend Here] Officer: Are New Titles Fads or Fixtures in Business Model Innovation?

Does your company have a chief experience officer, customer officer, chief digital officer, chief innovation officer, chief human resources officer, or the like? Welcome to a new era of business where specialized CxOs come and go as organizations scramble to survive digital Darwinism.

With every emerging business trend, new expertise and roles are necessary to lead transformation. In recent years, we’ve witnessed the rise of several prominent movements reshaping markets and pressuring companies to adapt and innovate. Some of the most influential trends right now are doing just that. Formal initiatives aimed at corporate innovation, digital transformation, customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), corporate culture, are already in play. But, the factors that define their success are directly tied to the skillsets and experience of those leading and executing. In many cases, that talent is often lacking or absent in the beginning.

Obviously, not reacting with sufficient efforts in new fronts means imminent market irrelevance. Forming centers of excellence, steering committees, or hiring big consultancies, are all par for the course. But without someone who can lead change, these efforts meander or fail with great costs. One way organizations mobilize around trends or disruption is to recruit or elevate someone with direct knowledge and experience to lead the charge.

This is where things get interesting and even a bit controversial.

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