The Rise of Intelligent Marketing

Digital transformation is a relatively recent phenomenon defining an entirely new era, comparable to the industrial revolution of the early 1800s.  Driven by technology, digital transformation is an underlying shift in the way live, work and communicate.  It infuses intelligence into the landscape of our lives, enabling us to accomplish things once only dreamed possible.  We can talk to our cars, shop from the convenience of our couch and search the world from the palm of our hand.

At the heart of this transformation lies the field of search and its ability to enhance our lives with immediate access to information.  Search is on the precipice of taking another step forward as it leverages AI and machine learning to empower users with actionable voice requests through new UIs, including screenless and virtual.  This includes booking reservations, getting store hours, ordering food, making appointments, etc.

Intelligence is driving a new breed of search that is less about unilateral ad copy and more about bilateral conversation.  It’s less about basic website listings and more about share of SERP.  It’s less about nameless, faceless searchers and everything about you, the end user.

Read more from Christi Olson on Huffington Post.

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