The Recruiter’s Dilemma: How Do I Look at a Candidate’s Social Media Presence Without Creating More Risk?

These days anything on social media is public domain. However, recruiters are faced with a real dilemma when it comes to looking at a candidate’s social media footprint. It’s true that social profiles do paint a more detailed portrait of candidates, but recruiters must ask the question, does looking at a candidate’s social media presence cross boundaries or worse, give rise to claims of discrimination in the hiring process?

Tom Restell, founder of Social-Hire  spoke with Fiona McLean, managing director of The Social Index, to gain a better understanding of how recruiters can address this dilemma. With a background in industrial relations and as an HR director, McLean is acutely aware of the potential repercussions of misusing social media data, as well the issues around gaining candidate consent. McLean has also been a corporate recruiter, so she is equally aware of the tremendous benefits tapping into social media profile data can have for companies.

Read the full article from The Recruiter here.

Tony Restell is the founder of social media agency You can find Tony on Twitter: @tonyrestell.

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