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As the 2020 AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence starts the countdown to close nominations, we take an in depth look into 2019 National Data-driven Marketing winner, Benetas‘ campaign ‘Winning via a Data Driven Marketing Strategy’. Their award-winning campaign used insights and data to revolutionise home care in Australia. 

Home care, an aged care service delivered in a patient’s own home, provides customers with the right support to maintain their quality of life within their homes and communities. Prior to 2017, government funding was given to providers who then assigned to clients. In 2017, the government transformed the sector, giving customers direct access to their funds and the power to choose their provider and the services they require.

The challenge?

At this time, the government was drip feeding funding – customers often had to wait over 18 months from application to receipt of a home care package. The process was confusing and poorly explained, and often at the whim of government policy. Against this background, Benetas saw declining Home Care enquiries and client admissions based on government constraints and increasing competitor activity.

In response to the release of 20,000 funding packages from the government, Benetas partnered with Next Level Online Marketing to create a data led strategy with the goal of generating high quality leads while achieving sustainable growth to succeed in a volatile market.

Benetas’ strategy to regain control of the market

• Developing educational online content for customers at various stages of the home care journey
• Increasing advertising efficiency and effectiveness by using data management platform ‘Loteme’ to target highly relevant audiences
• Testing, analysing and optimising paid media and creative to improve advertising performance and deliver high quality sales leads.

Digital metrics indicated that customer’s information needs were being met through our online educational content and we had significantly more people clicking on our ads and converting into leads.

Monthly results grew against benchmarks

Overall, their strategy achieved outcomes above and beyond initial objectives; helping lift Benetas out of a downturn in client growth, while creating a sustainable pipeline of new customers.

• Website visits up 686%
• Website browsing time up 142%
• Phone and email enquiries up 43%
• Home care package client admissions up 55%

What the judges said

Judges described the campaign as thorough and well thought-through marketing strategy, leading to impressive business results. The comprehensive and evidence-based approach that Benetas used in developing a strategic framework drew upon customer insights and data, including customer journey mapping. It defined its customer value proposition and position in the market, developing a creative approach, which was then tested with different audience personas before launch.  The team’s results across multiple metrics were impressive and they are now experiencing client growth.

About the AMI Marketing Excellence Showcase

Established in 1982 as the Hoover Marketing Awards, the AMI Marketing Excellence Showcase has become one of the biggest programs on the Australian marketing calendar. For 39 years, the AMI community have celebrated individuals and organisations who have achieved extraordinary success from innovative and effective marketing practices.

The AMI Awards have evolved over the years in response to new development theory and practice to reflect the growing appreciation of the critical role of marketing as the vital source of value creation for a business.

This year, there are 18 standard categories and 9 special categories. Submissions are open to any organisation regardless of the industry or sector you operate in. Rather than offering industry specific categories, nominees are encouraged to make submissions in award categories most relevant to the individual or the nature of their campaign.

Awards submissions extended until 5pm AEST, Friday 28 May 2020

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