The future is NOW. Are you ready?

The marketing and communications industry is moving at speed. AI, tech, algorithms, bots … so much is available and so much data is at our fingertips it sometimes becomes overwhelming as a marketer. We talk about some of these things like they’re in the future, but the future is NOW and you need to get on top of it all.

Spend a casual evening with three of our legends and get updates and insight that will help navigate opportunities to give you the edge for the future. Be the star that comes to your business with new ideas that can be implemented now.

The evening will be split into three topics:

1. THE MACHINE GAVE ME THE NARRATIVE – Dave McCaughan, Thought Leader and Storyteller, Bibliosexual

Using artificial intelligence platforms to discover and track narratives and build stories, Dave will share case studies and live examples of how AI is being used to build brands.

Dave McCaughan

2. THE FUTURE OF RETAIL – Michelle Newton, Director of Cultural Forecasting, GALKAL

Michelle will explore key trends that will deliver the best retail futures.

Michelle Newton

3. THE CORPORATE INNOVATION DILEMMA – Graham Christie, CCO, Slingshot Accelerator

Graham will take a look at corporate startup engagement and how some businesses are future-proofing their survival today.

Graham Christie

Join the conversation and be a part of the future.

Wine and nibbles are included, but places are strictly limited. Register here.

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