Tasmanian Marketers Social

On a very cool Friday night we had our second event for the year, in the new format. Just getting back to basics in Tassy. Networking with our fellow marketers. We choose the Hobart Grand Chancellor for its easy access, good parking and its great outlook over the water. More importantly a very good choice of beverages. It was fantastic to see smiling faces, some familiar, as well as new. We wanted to create a relaxed environment that I think we achieved, as everybody was having a good time.

We had quite a few attendees that were non-members so we were certainly questioned on why they should become members. That we answered to the best of our ability, I believe we will see some new members shortly.  Tassy marketers, normally have multiple roles within an organisation, or they are small business owners with limited time to allocate to marketing. So being a member of the AMI is of real benefit to them for so many reasons. The ability to meet each other at these events is really important to build our marketing community again. So, we can have more people and companies entering the awards and sharing their success stories with others.

I certainly thank and appreciate people taking time out of their busy schedules, especially on a Friday night to attend. I look forward to seeing you all again in a month’s time. If these events continue to be successful then we may look at having them monthly. Thanks to the other committee for your help especially Neil, that basically organised everything. My role of greeting and explaining why they need to write their own name on the tag, if it’s to be understood, was great fun!!

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Adrian Pursell, Tasmania State Committee Chair

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