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Academic and Professional Mobility is the most significant driver for shaping the success of the New World. This mobility requires far more than a good education but is also influenced by the crucial role of the national and global processes in support of the transfer of skills, expertise and knowledge by highly skilled individuals across borders.

Australia is a nation built on the foundation of migration.  Today, close to seven million of its population of almost 25 million were born overseas. There are many factors responsible for the economic growth of the country, but increasingly skilled-focused migration program is one of them. This has increased the resources, skills and knowledge available and boosting opportunities for all.

As the largest pre-migration evaluation and skills recognition body authorised by the Australian government, VETASSESS leads the way in skills recognition systems and processes built on its experience of over 20 years in assessing the qualifications and work experience of prospective migrants from across the globe. The lack of understanding the need for the moderation of skills standards in global skills recognition can create barriers to the success of global mobility.

According to VETASSESS Executive Director, Rob Thomason countries will be missing out on the biggest talent pool if they do not create opportunities to facilitate a fairer and stronger global skills recognition system.

To support this academic and professional mobility, Australia has adopted a hybrid approach – a combination of multiple factors designed to address the labour demands of industry and enhance future labour supply. Two major visa types dominate Australia’s approach to attract global talent – employer-sponsored and the points-tested.

Employer sponsorship is demand-driven, where migrants are directly sponsored by employers who cannot source the required skills locally. The points test is the supply side, where talented people who score highly against a range of desirable characteristics are migrating independent of employers.

Industry needs are at the core of the skilled migration program, and therefore VETASSESS works closely with bodies to ensure that we foster relevant talent pool through our assessment process, which will benefit the industries.

For example, Australian Marketing Institute is a significant stakeholder for all our marketing-related occupations. We also work with other similar industry bodies for our various occupations like Customer Service Manager, Chefs, Human Resource related occupations etc. Our collaboration ensures that we can attract highly skilled talent in the marketing field who meet the industry standards and can secure employment in this field.

While VETASSESS continues to support the individual talent flow from around the world within the provision of the Australian Government policies on migration, Rob Thomason is of the view that there is need for better reforms. There needs to be a greater focus on talent, and an openness to the alternative ways talent might be recognised. This is critical in a world where talent is increasingly being gained on the job or in non-traditional settings and recognised by alternatives to traditional credentials. A globally collaborative approach to reform is needed to bring together like-minded organisations from different countries to work together towards supporting global skills recognition.

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To understand more about VETASSESS skills assessment process and various occupations and their requirements, follow the link here

If you are still considering to migrate to Australia under a VETASSESS occupation, Their Skills Assessment Support (SAS) services can help you with additional and tailored support for submitting an assessment-ready application.

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