Shared Beliefs for a New World

The creative industries are defined by a myriad of approaches, theories and practices. Our digitalised age of disruption has encouraged us to readjust those ways of working, the effect of which has made creativity – in all its forms – more exciting, dynamic and challenging than ever.

The best work thrives on such uncertainty, fueled by empowering technological changes that enable us to produce brilliant advertising that inspires, connects more deeply to disparate audiences and influences behaviour.

But what do we really mean by great advertising?  What is the essence of creativity in this disruptive new world?

Back in 2002, one of the key strategic thinkers of his era, Mike Hall, sought to provide a set of beliefs that defined the most influential creative ideas.  The aim of his Shared Beliefs publication was to reveal the essential elements of how ‘great advertising can not only build a brand but transform its fortunes’ and arrive at a set of the indispensable principles informed by the industry’s finest brains.

The world has shifted dramatically since then. Digital disruption is everywhere, creating new ways for people to experience and interact with brands. Traditional advertising models are no longer the norm. In today’s world, campaigns are fast paced, adapted in real time, fully integrated and participative.

So we decided it was time to gather to review the industry’s shared beliefs, seeing whether any of the original principles still hold true and identifying any new beliefs emerging from the new world.

We spoke to some of the world’s leading creative minds to understand how advertising is working and flourishing in this changing environment. Their wisdom has helped us create a new set of Shared Beliefs for this new era. What is great creativity? How do we best to utilise technology and data to strengthen brands to drive growth?

New approaches, technologies and ideas are transformative and you’ll find those insights within Shared Beliefs.   What this new edition of Shared Beliefs shows is that, despite our new abilities, what was true before is often still true today.   Sometimes even more true.

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