Self-Made Billionaire Jack Ma Says You’ll Need This 1 Rare Skill to Succeed in the Age of Machines

Thanks in part to Daniel Goleman and Adam Grant, the debate for years seems to be fixated on what’s a better predictor of job and career success — IQ or EQ?

If you’re keeping score at home, a person with high EQ (emotional intelligence) knows how to work well with others — customers, bosses, coworkers, vendors, etc. — and how to understand people and their emotions. IQ is high knowledge, the kind you need to keep pursuing for learning, memory, focus and problem-solving.

In the meantime, a virtual unknown contender is steadily rising through the ranks and making headlines: LQ.

LQ? Yes, it’s a thing and it has a formidable spokesperson in Alibaba Group founder and chairman Jack Ma: “If you want to be respected, you need LQ,” the leader of the Chinese internet giant said at a recent Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York.

LQ Explained

“And what is LQ? The quotient of love, which machines never have,” said Ma.


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