Roll of honour for longstanding members

We’re proud to build a strong community of marketers who dedicated to their continuing professional growth and we would like to honour longstanding members of the Institute for their ongoing support and contributions!

Below is the list of AMI Members who celebrate  their “milestone” membership anniversary in 2017.  We are thankful to have a strong, growing membership and we’d like to acknowledge those members who have made a commitment to supporting the Institute.

60 years

  • Anthony Stokes FAMI, A F Stokes & Associates, QLD

55 years


40 years

  • Adrian Earl FAMI CPM, (AJE) Specialised Business Consulting, SA
  • Trevor Clark OAM FAMI CPM, T.M. Clark & Associates, VIC
  • John Just AMAMI, NSW

30 years

  • John Barrett FAMI AMAC, BGA, Janbeale P/L, QLD
  • Gary Beardsley FAMI CPM, Redi Milk Australia Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Henry Bosch FAMI, VIC
  • Robert Bruce FAMI CPM, NSW
  • Martin Dowling FAMI CPM, Relief Business Services, VIC
  • John Edwards FAMI CPM, NSW
  • Christopher Joscelyne FAMI CPM, Australian Projects Pty Ltd, NSW
  • David Lovehill FAMI CPM, Platinum Insurance Services, NSW
  • Kevin Luscombe FAMI CPM, Growth Solutions Group, VIC
  • Stephen O’Shannessy FAMI CPM, Select Brand Services Pty Ltd, QLD
  • Keith Rowe FAMI CPM, Rowe Management Services Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Leslie Schirato AM FAMI CPM Cantarella Bros Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Dean Wills FAMI, Coca Cola Amatil, NSW

20 years

  • Nambiappan Balu FAMI CPM, Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), Maylaysia
  • Clive Bortz FAMI, Bortz Product Design, NSW
  • Frances Buccheri FAMI CPM,  Genesys, VIC
  • Robert Byrne FAMI, SA
  • Jonathan Case FAMI, TechnologyOne, NSW
  • Gary Coldwell, FAMI CPM, TIO VIC
  • Glen Collyer, FAMI CPM, Coles Express, VIC
  • Mark Crowe FAMI CPM, NSW
  • Aldo D’Eramo FAMI CPM, MicroHeat Technologies Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Gianna Ferrara FAMI CPM, Principals Australia Institute, SA
  • Michael Hems FAMI CPM, QLD
  • Susanne Hickey FAMI CPM, Slick Promotions Pty Ltd, TAS
  • Graeme Joiner FAMI, Health World Limited, QLD
  • Nick Kariotoglou, FAMI CPM Aargus, NSW
  • Mark Kotorac, FAMI CPM, QLD
  • Todd Layt FAMI CPM, Ozbreed Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Matthew Lock FAMI CPM, Domacom, NSW
  • Lloyd Markwell FAMI CPM, Prosegur Australia, NSW
  • Kim Morris FAMI, Horizon Credit Union Ltd, NSW
  • Philip Neat FAMI CPM, Neatcorp Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Daniel O’Donoghue FAMI CPM, Commonwealth Bank Of Australia, WA
  • Anne Pesic FAMI CPM, Sine Qua Non Consulting, WA
  • Donald Peter FAMI CPM, Regency Institute of TAFE, SA
  • Marje Prior FAMI CPM, Bravo Marketing By Design, NSW
  • Tony Rich FAMI CPM, Rich & Partners, QLD
  • Don Richter FAMI CPM, DEDJTR, VIC
  • Candy Tymson FAMI, Tymson Communications NSW
  • Frederickus J.P. Van Steel FAMI CPM, Ability Options NSW
  • Geoffrey White FAMI CPM, White Crest Pty Ltd, VIC
  • Lin Windram FAMI, Brava Lingerie, VIC
  • Helen Woods FAMI CPM,  The Strategy Team Pty Ltd, VIC

10 years

  • Bev Alden FAMI CPM Independence Technology P/L VIC
  • Phillip Anstis FAMI CPM VIC
  • Kay Bayliss FAMI Asia Digital Marketing Association INT
  • Robynne Berg FAMI CPM Berg Consulting Group VIC
  • Daniel Blair FAMI BDA Marketing Planning Pty Ltd VIC
  • Petra Bouvain FAMI CPM University of Canberra ACT
  • Geoffrey Bowll FAMI CPM The Starship Pty Ltd VIC
  • Stuart Bridges FAMI Bridges Munro Communications TAS
  • Michael Callaghan FAMI CPM Deakin University VIC
  • Sonia Casanova FAMI The Articulate Pear Pty Ltd NSW
  • Michael Clark FAMI CPM SYC Inc. SA
  • Peter Cleary FAMI CPM Zinc VIC
  • Stewart Cumming FAMI CPM Adventum Pty Ltd QLD
  • Astrid Fackelmann FAMI CPM WA
  • Justin Fennessy AMAMI CPM Bank Australia VIC
  • Elizabeth Fisher FAMI CPM Australian Catholic University QLD
  • Christopher Fitzgibbon FAMI CPM Veda NSW
  • Nick Flude FAMI Braybrooke and Paul NSW
  • Elsie Foong FAMI NSW
  • Helen Gibney FAMI CPM Cleanskin Marketing VIC
  • Lina Hanne FAMI Lina Hanne Marketing VIC
  • Rita Harding FAMI CPM Transport for NSW
  • Joanna Henryks FAMI NT
  • Gabor Hernadi FAMI CPM Joint Management Results WA
  • Brent Hill FAMI CPM South Australian Tourism Commission SA
  • Bernard Hughes FAMI CPM Australian Liquor Marketers VIC
  • Katherine Hunter FAMI AMP Services Ltd VIC
  • Frank Hussey FAMI CPM Self Employed TAS
  • Murray Hyde FAMI CPM ADMA NSW
  • Georgie Ibbott FAMI CPM TAS
  • Adam Jackson FAMI CPM Red Tug Boat VIC
  • Bryan Jago FAMI Toshiba ( Australia ) Pty Ltd NSW
  • Upul Kumarapperuma FAMI Track-Co VIC
  • Annie Leung FAMI Panasonic Australia NSW
  • Michael Locke FAMI CPM LOCKE Pty Ltd NSW
  • Chris Lowien FAMI Parchem Construction Supplies NSW
  • Jo Macdermott FAMI CPM Next Marketing VIC
  • Christine Marcos FAMI 24/7 Real Media NSW
  • Amanda Matheson FAMI Motospecs NSW
  • Matthew McDonell FAMI CPM Stroke Foundation VIC
  • David McKie FAMI The McKie Corp Pty Ltd VIC
  • Lisa McQuilken FAMI Deakin University VIC
  • Steve McRoberts FAMI CPM Tourism Queensland QLD
  • David Miklos FAMI CPM Tasplan TAS
  • Joseph Milani FAMI Southern Canning Pty Ltd VIC
  • Monica Millar FAMI UniCentre NSW
  • David Moody FAMI CPM Queensland Building and Construction Commission QLD
  • Glenn Myatt FAMI Brand Truth VIC
  • Helen Nolan FAMI University of Southern Queensland QLD
  • Paula Parkes FAMI CPM Adobe NSW
  • Martin Purcell AMAMI 8 Strategic Pty Ltd WA
  • Nicole Rety FAMI CPM NRDM QLD
  • Nicole Robertson FAMI BDC Market Intelligence VIC
  • Skye Ross FAMI City of Gold Coast QLD
  • Michelle Rowan FAMI CPM VIC
  • Michael Scanlan FAMI CPM QLD
  • Daniel Simpson FAMI CPM Express Freight Management Morobe
  • Paul Spink FAMI WA
  • Simone Spryszynski FAMI Philips Healthcare QLD
  • Dominic Te Wierik FAMI CPM Caterpillar Global Mining WA
  • David Trott FAMI CPM News Community Media VIC
  • Andrea Vocino FAMI CPM Deakin University VIC
  • Michael Volkov FAMI CPM Deakin University VIC
  • Elissa Walkley FAMI Pitney Bowes Australia NSW
  • Paul Walshe FAMI CPM ActewAGL ACT
  • S.K.Salinda Watapuluwa FAMI CPM QLD
  • Tina Williams FAMI WA


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