RACQ CMO Luncheon


The QLD CMO Luncheon hosted by Renee Davidson of RACQ and the Australian Marketing Institute was a great event, enjoyed by all. Special thank you to our sponsor Lighthouse8, represented by Keith Stanley, who shared some outstanding stories on their cutting edge digital solutions for the modern CMO. We would also like to thank our attendees Amanda Blennerhassett, Chris Platt, Cris Gillespie, Danielle Lewis, Duncan Matthews, Ieuan Hyde, Jessica Hamilton, Kate Phillips, Kelly Morgan, Kerry Hannah, Mark Hocknell, Michael Sherlock, Samantha Clark and Sharlene Tan for joining us. Yann Pastor from Monitor Deloitte led a discussion centred around research on redefining the CMO.  Claiming CMOs have on average the shortest tenure of all C-suite roles and what we can do about it.

Key takeaways attendees were left with, included the need to:

  1. Relentlessly pursue customer experience
  2. Making marketing make sense
  3. Establishing a center-brain mentality
  4. Working for a higher purpose


Demetri Hughes, CPM
QLD State Chair, Australian Marketing Institute


Selected quotes from some of the attendees and participants:


Yann Pastor, Deloitte:

“Thank you Demetri Hughes for having me. Great company and great discussion!”


Mark Hocknell, Customer Centric Business:

“A great event last Friday, Qld CMO Lunch hosted by RACQ and the Australian Marketing institute.


“Thanks to all that participated, and particularly hosts Renee Davidson  from RACQ and Demetri Hughes (AMI).”


Amanda Blennerhassett, Brand Savvy Consulting:

“I’M SO EXCITED! I just came out of a CMO peer discussion hosted by Australian Marketing Institute and Lighthouse8 where Jann Pastor from Deloitte shared his thoughts about the changing marketing landscape and role of customer experience.

“He discussed the role of purpose led brands, design thinking, left-right brain integration and the interruption of millennials and said Deloitte is now employing anthropologists to guide design thinking. Suffice to say – it’s everything I’ve been working towards with Brand Savvy Consulting for 10 years and I am thrilled to see discussions like this beginning to happen at the C-Suite Level.”

“Thanks so much Demetri, Keith and Renee for having me – it was a great event and thought provoking. I hope we will be able to do it again.”


Cris Gillespie, National Transport Insurance:

“Thank you Demetri Hughes from the Australian Marketing Institute for organising the CMO lunch at RACQ HQ with Renee Davidson. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation from Yann Pastor & Monitor Deloitte. And a special thanks to Keith Stanley & Lighthouse8 for supporting the event.”


Kate Phillips, Revelian:

“Thank you Australian Marketing Institute for an excellent CMO round table on Friday. I really enjoyed the conversations and the connections.  Here’s to many more. #Demetri Hughes”


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