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Video marketing is undoubtedly the fastest growing marketing medium online. Yet, despite its incredible impact, the cost and difficulty of creating professional quality marketing videos has put it out of reach for most typical small & medium businesses.

That’s where Visuo comes in. At Visuo, we recently launched the first release of Magic, an Intelligent Video Creation platform that uses AI to help businesses create professional quality marketing videos in literally minutes. (That’s not marketing speak, we really do mean 3-5 minutes.)

Best of all, Magic is super simple and easy to use, even for novices with no video production or editing skills whatsoever.

Can you come up with 60 words to describe your business? And do you have a logo? If the answer is yes, then you can use Visuo.

A special offer just for AMI members

As this is just the first release of Magic, we know it won’t be perfect. And so, we’re keen to get your feedback on the service – what works well, and what can be improved to make it work better for you.

In return, as a special offer for AMI members, we would love to offer a complimentary 12-month subscription (worth over $600) to everyone who signs up and gives us their feedback on Magic.

And it’s super easy to do. Just go to, create a video, and click on the Download button. When prompted, just let us know what you think in the feedback form, and you’re done! (Just don’t forget to hit the Submit button.)

We’ll then send you a code which you can use to obtain your complimentary 12-month subscription once the full commercial release of Magic is available some time in 2020.

About Visuo 

Our goal at Visuo is to make it quick, easy and affordable for our customers to create engaging videos their businesses. Visuo is an early-stage start-up based out of Sydney and Hong Kong. Want to see what Visuo can do? You don’t need to look further this video created by Visuo just for the AMI. Or take a look at this sample video created with Magic.

Interested in knowing more? Or in potential partnerships or ventures? Please don’t hesitate to contact Lap-Tin –

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