New AMI Jobs Hub connects qualified marketing professionals with Australia’s leading employers

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), in partnership with YourMembership, has launched an important new marketing jobs portal for all Australian marketing professionals.

Known as AMI Marketing Jobs Hub, the online portal aims to create a comprehensive platform connecting talented marketing professionals at any stage of their careers with the best employers around Australia.

“As Australia’s leading professional marketing association, AMI is proud to provide this essential service to support the career development of our entire community of marketers – from students all the way up to the senior level of the industry,” said AMI CEO, Lee Tonitto. “One in two adults in the working population have something to do with Marketing in their roles. Acquiring customers; retaining customers or improving the customer experience. That is over 6 million people! With AMI Marketing Jobs Hub, employers and job seekers will have an access to job advertisements from the global jobs site,”

Jamie Williams, Manager Sales at YourMembership, is equally enthusiastic about this major collaboration. “The AMI Jobs Hub is a modern, efficient and user-friendly online resource designed to benefit employers, job seekers and the association itself,” Williams said.

Key benefits of Jobs Hub for employers include: access to a large pool of highly qualified candidates and ‘passive’ job seekers; high return on recruitment advertising spend; simple job posting process; and pre-screen filters to pull qualified candidates only. In addition, employers only pay for the resumes of interested candidates.

For job seekers, benefits include: access to a central resource for all industry jobs; the ability to search and apply for positions; an option to post anonymous resumes; and scope to create personalised job alerts that proactively notify job seekers of relevant job opportunities.

To find out more about AMI Jobs Hub, visit:

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