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The CIM Digital Summit 2017 will help marketers align their digital activity with their target audience.

While the proliferation of digital marketing channels in recent years has produced almost limitless opportunity for marketers, it has also increased pressures on marketing budgets.

The impact of digital is clear, 60% of global shoppers now prefer to purchase via digital channels. Across worldwide consumers, 59% want real-time personal offers designed especially for them, and 39% use social networks to get inspiration for purchases according to a survey from Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Little wonder, then, that optimising SEO, launching targeted email campaigns, and measuring the ROI of pay-per-click have become key tasks for marketers who are seeking to engage customers on channels where they are active.

And yet, with technological innovation occurring at such a fast pace, it can be difficult for marketers to maintain a position at its cutting edge; an issue CIM looked to address earlier this year. The CIM Challenges and Opportunities Facing Marketing in 2017 report, looked at how marketing could lead change in a mid – and post – Brexit economy, and best communicate what business needs to do in order to flourish. The report revealed that while 52% of marketers were intent on improving the performance of their organisation’s digital channels, 95% of those polled said there was also a danger in getting distracted by the latest gimmick or cool tech innovation.

Real-world examples of this are easy to find. Just over a year ago, the worldwide craze for Pokémon GO might have seemed to be a tipping point for augmented reality (AR) – a technology that marketers in many sectors would soon need to grapple with. And yet Pokémon GO’s big moment has settled into a ‘long tail’ period, in which other digital distractions, such as virtual experiences, live streaming, customer service automation and wearable technology, have come to the fore.

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