My Emerging Marketers Experience: Lily Gu

Thanks to AMI’s support, I am very lucky to have Brooke Young as my mentor at the start of my career. Education industry is fascinating and I believe there are lots of things to learn. My initial goal was to structure my career plan with mentor’s help. Eventually, I have gained and achieved much wider than this. We generally catch up every month to discuss my progress. The topics can be the projects I am working on, the seminar I just attended, the challenging I am facing at work and the way to improve the essential skills I need. We exchange thoughts equally like friends and it makes the time with Brooke very enjoyable. I appreciate the most is to have a chance to be close to a senior level person like Brooke who has rich experience. Her sharing of leadership and other personal experience are priceless treasure which will benefit me forever.

Lily Gu and Brooke Young at the Emerging Marketers Victoria Graduation Event last 15 November

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