How do the most successful innovators generate more than their fair share of smart ideas? How do they unleash the creative talent of their people? How do they move ideas through their organisations and supply chains that are not only creative but fast to market? The answers to these key questions form the core of a program for business leaders and entrepreneurs who are determined to position their companies for future growth.

CEW is pleased to offer two full scholarships to senior executives to participate in Driving Strategic Innovation at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in September 2018.

Driving Strategic Innovation (DSI) changes the way business leaders think about innovation and technology strategy, and gives them a deeper, richer and more comprehensive roadmap for executing change. Participants leave the program knowing how to influence corporate culture, alter the way an organisation responds to the challenge of innovation – and knowing how to strengthen relationships with partners along the value chain. You become more effective as an innovator. The program knits together innovation, marketing and product development, business-model opportunities, value-chain design, project execution and talent management in an end-to-end roadmap for achieving breakthrough performance. This joint program between MIT Sloan and IMD brings together the latest technology research from MIT Sloan and the latest leadership knowledge from IMD. It provides participants with an unparalleled opportunity to learn how to manage innovation within their organisations. For more information about the program visit MIT Sloan.

Read more about the program here.

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