Mentorship is a two-way street

 2019 Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program participants Areli Gutiérrez and her mentor, Brett Levy

Over the last 10 years, AMI has invested in the talent of Australia’s future marketing leaders through the AMI Emerging Marketers Mentoring ProgramEach year more than 150 people, from a community of marketing mentors, academic partners, and committee members provide opportunities for emerging marketers to develop their skills and get valuable insights into the industry and their careers.

Now open for mentee and mentor applications, the 2020 Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program has programs available in each state, including a blend of online and face-to-face career development activities for early-career marketers.

AMI sat down with past participants Areli Gutiérrez and her mentor, Brett Levy, to learn about their experience in the program.

What did you learn from your  experience in the program?

Brett: I love this program as it is definitely a two-way street. Hopefully the knowledge and experience I have was shared but equally, and one of the reasons why I do the program is that I get to listen to and learn from the freshest of minds in this industry I love. It is refreshing to hear what the mentees are hoping to do and in Areli’s case, she is very clear and focused on what her future looks like and I know she will get what she is looking for.

It was good to see how the next generation of marketers have a good and focused idea of what they are hoping to achieve and do in the industry.

Areli: Having very little marketing knowledge, it was a great opportunity to be able to learn from Brett who has many years of experience and who was willing to start from the basics on how the marketing force work is out there and the differences each area has to offer.

Being able to work closely with an experienced marketer, gave me a much clearer idea on the opportunities I can access and how to achieve my goals.

How did you work together to get the most value out of the mentoring relationship?

Brett: I think the dynamic between us was great. I first tried to understand what Areli wanted to learn or ask and then each time we met I tried to evolve on the last session as well as find out what we needed  to do at the following one. I do think we got on well and that we both left the program with more than we came in with.

Areli: From the moment we were introduced at the launch event, Brett showed genuine interest to try to understand where I was standing and my career goals. We went “straight to business” from the beginning. Based on my doubts or interest, Brett shared examples of his own professional experience.

This question is for Areli – what practical advice was Brett able to give you to help you grow as a marketer?

Areli: Knowing that I was interested in Destination Marketing, Brett helped me understand the different focus that can be given to it. For example, together we looked at how Destination Gold Coast runs their campaigns based on their particular objectives. This opened a question for myself on whether I would like to give it a more commercial focus or government focus, which I might resolve with time once the opportunity comes up. But now I can walk in with a clearer idea on mind. 

Additionally, one of the most practical tips he could have given me, had to do with the importance of keeping up to date and making use of the vast variety of digital tools that can help analyse data and maintain efficient marketing communications with customers. There is no doubt that Brett is an expert in all digital, however my knowledge was (and have to say, still is) pretty basic. Brett introduced me to a variety of digital tools for analysing trends and data or to maintain customer relationships. He encouraged me to play around with platforms like Huffspot, Zoho, Audiense, Meltwater, among many others, to start understanding the different features each one offers and see which one I felt more confident with.

Through this exercise I was able to realise that in order to be more competitive now that I am starting my career, I should be able to use at least one of these platforms proficiently, and if the times comes when a job requires me the use of another one, I would at least have a sense on how it works so it will be easier and faster for me to learn that new one. 

What advice could you give to anyone considering participating in the program as a mentor/mentee in the program?

Brett: This was my second time doing it and I look forward to hopefully being involved again. For anyone looking to get involved the secret is to listen. Whether you are the mentor or the mentee you both will come away from the experience better for it if you go in with no pre-conceived ideas, are not afraid to ask questions and listen.

Areli: Do not be afraid of asking questions and be yourself. Also, come open minded and fully willing to learn and listen. As I am pretty new in this area, I was a little nervous at the beginning, but I think being honest and not afraid of asking from the beginning helped our dynamic.

2019 NSW Emerging Marketers cohort, proudly sponsored by Macquarie University

Want to learn more about AMI’s Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program?

The 2020 Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program is currently open for applications. The Program is a 7 month mentoring program designed to connect senior marketers with Australia’s emerging marketing talent. The AMI mentoring community has active Emerging Marketer networks in South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. For those in Tasmania and the Northern Territory the AMI offers mentoring via virtual platform and management by an affiliate state.

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Applications close 23 April 2020

Brett Levy

Brett is someone who specialises in all things digital. He has consulted, designed, planned, built and executed application design and development for companies all over the world.

As Co- Chair of Mobile Monday (A global not-for-profit Mobile community) South Africa he was exposed to all the latest and greatest developments in the mobile space.

He is now the owner of a Digital Solutions Consultancy based in Sydney called Beyond Intent ( ). With over 15 years experience in digital marketing the new venture is positioned to help companies answer their digital questions and solve their challenges whether it be transformation or simply checking if their media or digital properties are working.

Brett has held the Managing Director role of a few full-service digital agencies where they built websites, planned digital campaigns and built both Augmented and Virtual Reality executions. He managed Social media teams for companies including Volvo, Hard Rock, Flight Centre and Chrysler to name a few. This required the strategic planning, creating of the content as well as execution thereof. All media and SEO/SEM as well as analytical analysis, feedback and reports. They also handled ORM (Online Reputation Management) for their clients where required and consult and train companies in the correct use/procedures of social as well as identified potential Influencers and brand ambassadors.

Brett has very strong experience in eCommerce and mCommerce and has worked with all the major banks in South Africa on various projects. Under Brett’s leadership his last agency built, managed (including warehouse and distribution solutions), the online shop and website for SodaStream and other brands too.

He has presented keynotes to top CEOs and CIOs all over the world. Brett sits on the board of ASCCA (the Australian Seniors Computer Club Association) as the Marketing Director and is a CPM, Certified Practicing Marketer.

Areli Gutiérrez

Areli Gutiérrez studied a Bachelor in International Relations in Mexico. In her home country she had the opportunity to work in the organising committee of the biggest sport event in the American Continent after the Olympics – the Pan American Games. Later on she moved her career towards international trade, where she managed the commerce activities of a vast variety of worldwide clients.

Curious about international events’ marketing and passionate of her own culture, Areli is interested on promoting  Mexico as an exciting and attractive destination – interest that had started from her participation in the organisation of the Pan American Games. She moved to Australia in 2017 to do a Master degree in International Business and International Communication, degree that would provide her with the knowledge and understanding on how to effectively communicate in an international context to promote Mexico as a competitive event destination.

While studying her degree at Macquarie University, she had the opportunity to gain some practical experience in event management and marketing by working part-time in different roles such as Customer Service, Sales Coordinator and as an intern at the university’s Department of Marketing. She also joined the Global Leadership Program and the AMI Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program, programs that allowed her to learn from professionals and have a better understanding of her career options.

Areli has recently finished her degree and is looking forward to gain experience and knowledge in tourism and event marketing so she could eventually bring that into the tourist sector in her home country.



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