Mentoring for Emerging Marketers: Creating a community, securing our profession’s future

“What’s the value proposition?” … “What do I get for my money?”

are just some the questions we often ask ourselves when confronted with a purchase dilemma, which are then quickly followed up with comments:

“That’s expensive” or “It’s not worth it”

Whether we’re at the petrol station shaking our head at the $1.59 litre price on the bowser (it was only $1.29 last week!), interrogating our annual car insurance invoice “you’re kidding me!” or just browsing the shelf items at the supermarket – picking up a seemingly necessary item, eyes darting from one product line to another, scanning the per unit costing … “do I, don’t I … Nah”– so you put it back on the shelf and walk with the endless self-talk following close behind.

Occasionally frustrating, often irritating and sometimes infuriating – we often consciously or subconsciously question the price being charged on ‘whatever it is’ and we are quick to retort “Where’s the value” … time and time again, with seemingly relentless monotony.

… and the point?

You get the annual membership subscription fee for your peak professional body … groan – you know the drill … Where’s the value? What am I getting for my money? You’re kidding me aren’t you!

So, it’s a relief … ‘No’ – it’s more than a relief. It’s an acknowledgement, a nod of approval, even pride when you experience the true value from what you get from your membership subscription.

… and that was the case at the launch of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)2018 Emerging Marketing Victoria’s Mentoring Program held at the Monash University Law Chambers (Melbourne).

Applications for the 2019 Emerging Marketers Program are already open. 

Learn more about the program in your state.

The Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program is highly regarded and highly valued by mentees and mentors … and the marketing profession is the beneficiary.

And why not. With enquiring minds, insatiable appetite to learn and seemingly unlimited energy, mentees are the next generation of marketing practitioners. They’re the ones who will pick up the baton and carve out industries that are yet defined; drive business decisions that we can’t possibly imagine and shape purchase behaviour of the next generation of consumers who we don’t even know … and they’ll do it in a way that is right for their business, right for the industry, right for the consumer and definitely right for the broader community.

Why? – “Because it’s just the right thing to do … they know that, they believe that”.

And why are we confident that this will happen. Because each of them has a mentor, a mentor who is a member of AMI, our professional peak body for marketing practitioners. And like all AMI members, each mentor is a custodian of the AMI brand. ‘Yes’ – the brand’s imprimatur is only as good as the quality of its members. So, it’s paramount that AMI and that its membership are active in a way that is meaningful and relevant … and offering a mentoring program does just that.

And it’s important that our peak professional body takes on this responsibility and is accountable for actioning it. Why? Because universities only have marketing students for a relatively short amount of time. In contrast to the 40 to 50 years of other influences, universities only have students for 3 or 4 years. And in the scheme things, that’s not a lot of time to shape and mould marketing theory, thinking, skills and … it’s just not enough time to influence the calibration of their moral compass so that their marketing decision, their business decisions are made ethically and responsibly.

… and here at the Department of Marketing (Monash Business School, Monash University) where we have pumped out more marketing graduates than any other university in Australia, we feel it more than most. There’s only so much that can be achieved within the confines of a lecture theatre in a 3 year course. And once they graduate, enter the workforce and navigate their way through their career, our influence is quickly diminished.

So, the baton has to be passed onto someone else. And who better than our peak professional body, the AMI.

‘Yes’ – we all have a vested interest.

So, as the new marketing graduates navigate the next 40 – 50 years in the profession, the AMI is well placed to accept the challenge and provide the quality networking opportunities; professional growth and development; career insights and a sense of belonging to a community, a professional community, and a community of marketing practitioners. The AMI, their peak professional body … one collective voice to champion the profession, live the values and nurture our profession’s future.

… so at the launch – the expressions on their faces said it all – the enthusiasm, anticipation, appreciation … chatting to mentees – Bethany Metselaar, Jeremy Faris, Anthony Crocitti, Jorja Watts and the many others … they are impressive mentees. And the start of their marketing career is in the capable hands of experienced and devoted mentors – Shileen Costain (Pearson Australia), Narina Amvazas (Marketing at Little Real Estate) and Ken Grant (Marketing Consultant) and the many others. And the EMV Mentoring Program Committee Members of Calum Coogan, Lisa Do and Melita who volunteer their time to ‘make this happen’

… ‘Yes’ – the program is in very capable hands.

… and so the baton has been delivered and well and truly received.

… and as a sponsor, a proud sponsor of the AMI Emerging Marketers Victoria Mentoring Program, we at the Department of Marketing (Monash Business School, Monash University) know that our graduates have the opportunity to:

  • connect with their peak professional body; and
  • learn from the best of the best
  • truly value their profession (and ‘give back’ when that time comes)

Because of the AMI, we have Emerging Marketers, Mentors and Mentees. All are committed to ensuring marketing continues to be a vibrant and appealing profession … a profession with dedicated marketing practitioners who will have a positive impact on our world … and that’s got to be worth something.

… and so the next time I get the AMI annual renewal subscription notice in mail, on the phone or via email there will be the initial groan but it will be followed by a pause, reflection and positive nod of the head … because the value is there, it really is.


*This article was originally posted on LinkedIn by Paul Loughran in May 2018.

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