Member Spotlight: What does CPM mean to you?


Joanne Stone

Director of Strategy, BCM Partnership, CPM 

Joanne is a highly experienced marketing and communications professional with extensive expertise in brand planning, strategic planning, media and channel planning, digital strategy and social media strategy.  She is responsible for developing effective B2C and B2B strategies for numerous clients across the FMCG, Financial Services, Education, Retail, Not-for-Profit and Government / Social Marketing sectors. Joanne says, ”It isn’t just lawyers (with practising certificates), accountants (with CPA’s) or trades contractors (with QBCC trades licenses) who have a professional standard – marketers have one too in the form of our CPM. The public should always consider whether – 1. The person they are engaging have verified knowledge and competency, 2. Ongoing participation in maintenance of CPM points, and 3. Have professional indemnity insurance in place. Marketing isn’t a ‘game of chance’, it is a game changer – making or breaking a business.”


Sarah Dunning

Organisational Change Manager at The Communication Link, CPM

With over 20 years of business experience Sara is passionate about Planning, Efficiency & Connecting with customers. She says, ”With roles spanning from distribution to sales & marketing in a variety of industries I have a unique oversight into how organisations work and how to get the best out of your people, processes and product. As a CPM I’m recognised as a professional, like an accountant, I have the qualifications and the experience as a marketer. This is valuable to me as a consultant as clients can trust that I can do what I say I can do. It means that I have the endorsement of a reputable third party.”




Ravi Pappu

Associate Professor of Marketing, UQ Business School, CPM

Welcome to the latest industry recognised Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) to be issued with his certification, Dr Ravi PAPPU! Ravi is a leading academic and researcher, serving as Associate Professor of Marketing at UQ Business School.  His current research focuses on modelling consumer decision making.  Ravi is keen to understand how consumers relate to brands (e.g. manufacturers, retailers and nonprofits) and how marketing communication (e.g. celebrity endorsement, sponsorship) affects brand value. It is particularly noteworthy to have leading academics becoming CPM’s. They are often providing the initial foundations for future practitioners to understand what marketing is, and many are conducting research that analyses critical challenges and/or cases about events that industry are faced with.  It isn’t just lawyers (with practising certificates), accountants (with CPA’s) or trades contractors (with QBCC trades licenses) who have a professional standard – marketers have one too in the form of our CPM. Marketing isn’t a ‘game of chance’, it is a game changer – making or breaking a business.

Elsie Foong

Product Manager, Haemodialysis, CPM

Congratulations to Elsie Foong, a marketing professional in pharmaceutical & medical device sectors, for achieving CPM status. Elsie understands the value of the CPM certification, saying, ”As a marketer, I want to make sure that I stay relevant and for me to do that I know I need to keep up with my learning. That was what motivated me to join the AMI soon after I completed my MBA. The AMI offers plenty of opportunities for continual learning, makes it easy for me to gain insights and keeps me informed of what’s the latest trend in marketing.  As the marketing professional peak body, the AMI undoubtedly supports & enriches my professional growth.”



Todd Garrett

Sales Manager at Continental Tyres Of Australia, CPM

The latest member to receive his CPM certification is Todd Garret of Continental, sales management professional with an outstanding record of successfully advancing market position across a broad range of products and services. Todd says, “I am delighted to have achieved the status of Fellow CPM of the Australian Marketing Institute. The AMI has been a most valuable resource along my commercial career and I will continue to proudly work towards upholding the highest standards of the marketing profession.”




Melissa Evans

Head of Marketing & Communications for Capital Airport Group, CPM

Melissa Evans is Head of Marketing & Communications for Capital Airport Group and the Group’s diverse suite of brands including Canberra Airport, Airport Business Parks, Majura Park Shopping Centre, Constitution Place, Denman Prospect and the Snow Foundation.

Working across multiple industries including aviation, commercial property, retail and land development, Melissa is driven by her passion to create memorable customer experiences. She is constantly looking for ways to add more value to both the customer journey and Capital Airport Group. Melissa’s strengths are creativity and leadership. She thrives on new challenges and believes ‘outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens’

“I joined AMI close to 10 years ago to broaden my marketing knowledge, as well as ongoing professional development. It’s important to keep relevant and connected to peers in this dynamic and fast-paced industry. I have valued every AMI experience I have had.”

Veronika Saine

Assistant Director Publishing and Internal Communications at Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development, CPM

Veronika is a senior public affairs officer for a large Federal Government department in Canberra.  She finds the information and networking opportunities afforded to her from AMI membership invaluable.  ‘’I recommend membership to anyone who is interested in keeping up with new trends and learning more about marketing practice.” Congratulations Veronika!




Dr Liz Ferrier

Senior Lecturer in Marketing at The University of Queensland, CPM 

Awarding the esteemed Dr Liz Ferrier, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at The University of Queensland, and now fellow Certified Practising Marketer (CPM), with her certification. Liz is a leading researcher of industry relevant issues concerning the fragmentation and convergence of audiences, especially across media planning and buying. Her studies are frequently published in Media International Australia.

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