Member Spotlight: Ryan Van

Ryan Van: Student Member Spotlight

I wasn’t always passionate about marketing. Heck, if you asked me in 2018 when I graduated from high school about a career in marketing, it wouldn’t have even been in my top 3 preferences. However, halfway through my first year of university in 2019, I felt lost and decided to take a gap year off university to attend weekly networking events, seminars and work in a myriad of roles across various sectors. Luckily enough, I was given my first break in marketing through coincidence at a startup named Lawpath, and I haven’t looked back.

Since then, I’ve deeply immersed myself in the marketing industry and the people within it. In addition to working in marketing, I also major in the subject at university and started my own podcast in late 2020 – The Marketing Insider podcast – interviewing marketing professionals to help students learn more about the industry.

I’ve recently set a goal to either work within the FMCG space as a brand manager or a product marketer in the technology space. However, I understood that I needed to build my network more in these areas to understand what the day-to-day looks like in these roles. That’s when I decided to get involved in marketing communities, and among them, the AMI.

After hearing about the Australian Marketing Institute from a podcast guest, I decided to join their AMI Student Membership. It has allowed me to expand my network through the Emerging Marketers mentoring program. Besides, it is a constant source of professional development through its upskilling resources and timely webinars that help me understand more about Australia’s never-ending landscape of marketing. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is on the fence. I’ve never met a group of people so dedicated to supporting and lifting each other up!

Ryan Van

Ryan Van
Product Marketing Executive, SafetyCulture
Co-Founder & Head of Product, The Marketing insider

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