Member Spotlight: Phirun Kao

Member Spotlight: Phriun Kao

During my 4th year at a Cambodian local business school, NUM in 1995, I started my marketing career in advertising with McCann-Erickson Cambodia as an Account Executive. The real test for me was whether I enjoyed marketing despite having no job experience in that field. After three years, I can confirm that I love marketing and moved on to become the Marketing Manager before becoming the Marketing Director at a Television company for another three years. After practising in two different industries, my passion for marketing grew and I decided to gain more knowledge and insight by pursuing an MBA in Marketing at Southern Cross University, Australia during 2000-2002.

After completing my post-graduate degree, I had a great opportunity to join WPP in Cambodia and spent the next five years as an Account Manager, Account Director, and Strategic Planning Director for the global marketing companies; 141 Asia, Bates Asia, and Ogilvy Asia. Since then, I’ve transitioned into sharing my career journey with local companies in multimedia, advertising, content productions, sales, and of course marketing.

‘A Marketer is like Medical Doctor – we need to move fast with the worlds evolution!’

I must constantly connect myself with the world so that I can move along with change and keep my marketing knowledge current. Simply learning from various public sources is not sufficient, therefore, I decided to join Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) to become an official member of a Credible Marketing Body. Since joining AMI, my marketing skills have significantly grown from gaining insight and wisdom from the AMI curated webinars and training courses hosted by marketing experts from various specialisations.

My marketing experience, passion, and enthusiasm to learn new concepts and insights has allowed me to foster and achieve the greatest recognition from AMI as a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM). The CPM recognition holds deep value to me and provides trust to my clients. Many thanks to AMI for providing myself and other marketers opportunities to connect in the world of marketing.

Phirun Kao – CPM
Marketing Consultant at Independent Consultant

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