CPM Spotlight: Nicola Feeney

Nicola is the Founder of Feeney Marketing a successful marketing agency established in 1996.

Passionate about delivering outstanding work, her process begins by investigating where the issues are and then identifying opportunities, matching these to industry and lifestyle trends so that every product, brand and service she looks after remains relevant to the consumer and the business remains ahead of the curve.

Having worked across a breadth of industries including FMCG, food and wine, agriculture, NFP, finance, automotive as well as managing the marketing and PR for some of Adelaide’s biggest events, Beer and BBQ Festival, World Environment Fair and Science Alive, the most important thing is to remain agile and relevant.

“My business constantly pivots. I have always maintained a very nimble business model and consider this to be one of the biggest contributing factors to success for any business in the ever-changing turbulent world of marketing.” says Nicola.

The consumer journey and behaviour funnel is complex, but it always has been. The challenge facing marketers today is there is such a tsunami of choice. A marketing strategist job is to distill the complexity of this and ensure the strategies they formulate get the very best outcome and exceed the expectations of the end consumer. If we do this everyone benefits, the brand, the business and the agency.  It’s impossible to pluck one element out of the marketing mix or a campaign and attribute the success to that one thing in isolation.  All the parts need to work harmoniously together.  Years ago we’d be given million dollar budgets and we’d spread it across a few silos, TV, OOH, Radio, Press, PR.  It’s not so simple anymore. Investigation needs to start through the eyes of the consumer – we need to immerse ourselves completely into their thought and behavior in order to ensure we formulate the best strategy to reach them, engage them and get them to act.

“It’s for this reason I personally don’t believe that a full service agency can exist in its pure form.  The emergence of new marketing tools and platforms makes it impossible to employ all the necessary specialists under one roof. Consequently, my mantra has always been – we don’t just use the best we have, we find the best there is. It might sound cheesy to some, but it’s served us well, we’re transparent, which is something our clients truly appreciate and respect.

I’ve always been a very member of the Australian Marketing Institute and consider it important to be part of an industry body that provides benchmarks for marketing professionals as well as encouraging discussion and comment between peers.”

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