Member Spotlight: Jacki Mitchell

Building better business brains is central to all Jacki Mitchell does. A new era in marketing and business growth has signalled a new era in Jacki’s career, from consultant to neuro-marketing educator.

Jacki now shares her knowledge with a cutting-edge insight into consumer and customer behaviour from the latest in brain (neuroscience) research, with entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners and up and coming business leaders. She teaches business people to find out more about their personal brand and to clarify how they want to be perceived by others to reach their brand potential and build a better business brain, “there is a reason Roger Federer still has a coach”

Jacki uses a variety of communication channels, facilitating workshops, presenting masterclasses, coaching and mentoring, keynote speaking and the media. Her use of relatable stories, facts and data coupled with her positivity and enthusiasm lead to high levels of engagement and results.

Jacki’s background is an international award-winning brand & business strategist that has a diverse portfolio across many industries like retail, utilities, financial services, property, automotive, recruitment, security, timber, technology, catering, sport, motion pictures, tourism, and environmental technology. As founder of leading brand strategy consultancy brandstorm®, Jacki has worked with many leading organisations, from global multinationals like Toyota through to SME’s, and micro business owners.

Jacki credentials, make her an intriguing commentator and speaker, as a regular guest on SKY Business News and guest host of global award-winning radio show, ‘Taking Care of Business’ on RPPFM98.7 since 2013, picking the brains of over 1000 experts to date.

“I firmly believe that every profession has to support best practice and thereby support their profession. Being a member of AMI demonstrates a commitment to best practice, which is more relevant now than ever, as it seems everyone is calling themselves a marketer with no training or qualifications – I believe this has sadly feeds a negative brand image of marketing”.

“As long as humans inhabit the earth (assuming we don’t destroy it), there will always be a place for marketing. The current shift in marketing is to understand human behaviour, with a particular emphasis on the power of emotion, and subconscious triggers of the customer”.

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