Member Spotlight: Hua Han

I joined Nestle as a graduate and worked in the field sales in WA for a year to get in-depth knowledge around sales and customer insights. I then moved back to Sydney head office, completed Category and Marketing rotation. Category strategy insights, new Product Development process, direct to consumer innovative approaches, are all apart of things that I have learned during this period of time.

After that, I embarked on my journey in Marketing and joined Nestle Confectionery Innovation team, spent most of my time on Innovation Projects and successfully assisted in launching KITKAT CHOCOLATORY in 2016, first store in Australia where you get to design your own KITKAT. And then ALLEN’S LOLLY BAR in 2016 followed by ALLEN’S LOLLYSMITHS in 2017. Main focus area is personalisation as well as premiumisation. Take beloved brands with rich history onto a journey to delight consumers in unexpected exciting ways.

My Emerging Marketer Experience

My experience with EM was very positive as through all the events as well as my interactions with my Mentor (Laura McCrackle), I have learned different types of Marketing and different ways of thinking as a marketer. Marketing is so much fun and incredibly dynamic, it always encourages you to think from different perspectives and excites you from all possible outcomes. Marketers should gather around more often and share knowledge and sparkles with each other. AMI offered a place like this and it will be exciting to see how many stories will be created by this kind of pleasant encounter.


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