Meet Asheley Jones, the newest member of the Accreditation and Endorsement Committee

I am a director with Zena Consulting, a higher education and professional development design and implementation consultancy. Previously, the Head of Education and Workforce Development for the Australian Computer Society, I am very excited to become the latest member of AMI’s accreditation board following the recent completion of my Doctorate in Business Administration!

As an accredited SFIA consultant and learning and development specialist, over the last year, I worked closely with ADMA, IAPA, AMI and DeakinCo (the commercial arm of Deakin University) to develop and implement professional marketing credentials in the data-driven, digital, creative, content and analytics spheres. I am delighted to have been granted CPM status by AMI in recognition of my contribution to this project. I loved working on this project, as there is little doubt that this credentialing model – which is aligned to the Australian Qualifications framework (AQF) – will allow marketing professionals the opportunity to gain formal recognition for on-the-job experience that is validated by both industry experts and marketing academics. I have no doubt that over the coming years, this revolutionary credentialing model will offer marketing practitioners a skills passport that will be recognised on a global level! Thanks to the pioneering initiatives of professional association CEOs such as Lee Tonito (AMI) and Jodie Sangster (ADMA & IAPA) the marketing professions are leading the way in offering pertinent courses, mapped to industry endorsed qualifications that can upskill all of those working across the industry. It’s truly an exciting time to be involved in marketing!

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