Mastering the internal pitch will get you more marketing budget

Recently I was asked to speak at the Intrigue summit (#SINTRIGUE ) on Advertising 3.0 and Branding. The discussion quickly revolved around the importance of stakeholder management and internal buy-in.

When it comes to getting buy-in from your boss or stakeholders, often we are met with resistance. Like all marketing initiatives, we need to sell the idea internally first. Senior management and inter-department cooperation play a vital role in the success, failure or even ability to launch a project.

Over the years I have worked for companies that have big, small, to no set marketing budget at all. Having the ability to pitch internally has helped me secure marketing budget for those pilot programs as well as attain crucial buy-in from other departments.

I have worked on both sides of the fence, internal marcoms and agency side where-by I pitched for new business. A shout out to Carol Mok who helped me hone my pitching skills.

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