Marketing with Purpose – An Exclusive Preview

If you want to be a successful brand, customer obsession must be your number one priority. This obsession – this way of consistently seeing your brand through the lens of your customer – will guide your entire business strategy.

So much of traditional marketing is concerned with what to say, and when, where, and to whom to say it, in order to sell a product or service. Too many brands expend their energy on this traditional approach without truly understanding their customers.

Valuable marketing is obsessed with the entire customer experience. This approach is about having a deep understanding of why your message is important to your customers and why they will care enough to listen.

This book is a C-Suite guide to understanding and elevating the marketing function within your organisation in a way that supercharges your customer obsession. Marketing with Purpose is a practical guide that will set you on your path to your North Star.

This book is a must read for everyone who wants to grow their business.

One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s brands is to understand their customers; truly understand their customers and treat them as individuals.

In this book, Ric clearly articulates why and how the marketing function must be obsessed about customer experience, and how this is the differentiator of successful brands.

Ric flips the traditional definition of marketing and suggests we adopt a different view – a view fit for today’s business landscape. What if marketing was less about promotion and more about genuinely reaching out to customers, helping them to solve their problems? What if marketing was how we found more ways to do better work through a purpose that matters to our staff and our customers? What if marketing was our vantage point for seeing the world through the eyes of our customers and delighting each and every one of them?

Ric reveals his formula for success that will accelerate your brand on the path to your ‘North Star’.
A must read!

– Lee Tonitto, CEO, Australian Marketing Institute

AMI CEO Lee Tonitto at Ric Navarro’s book launch
Author Ric Navarro and Lee Tonitto

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