Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2017): Martec 5000

Statistics from the 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape

The official stats for this year:

  • There are now 5,381 solutions on the graphic, 39% more than last year
  • There are now 4,891 unique companies on the graphic, up 40% from last year
  • Only 4.7% of the solutions from 2016 were removed (and another 3.5% changed in some fundamental way — their name, their focus, or their ownership)

That’s a non-trivial amount of churn, but still for this year, the rate by which new companies were added exceeds the rate by which others were removed.

Of course, not all of the new companies were launched in the year in which we added them to the landscape — many had been around earlier before we discovered them. (And we’re quite sure that there are many others that we missed this year too. Sorry.)

Another interesting statistic is the distribution of their size and funding:

  • 6.9% are enterprises, with more than 1,000 employees or are public
  • 44.2% are private businesses, less than 1,000 employees or no funding data
  • 48.8% are investor-funded startups at any pre-exit stage

So for those who assumed most of these companies are tiny, it’s worth noting that over 300 are enterprises of significant scale. It’s also true that over 2,300 others have received some sort of investor funding — which implies scale beyond a couple of rouge developers in a garage (or, for a more modern-day cliché, two people in a coffee shop).

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