Marketers and Restauranteurs – similarities and shared traits

By Ian Hales Commercial Director at Engage Interactive and images supplied by Charlie Hales – Marketing intern and graduate from Notre Dame University.

Restaurants and cafés have done it tough over the last few years with covid imposing severe restrictions, dining closed, take away, and home delivery services the new norm, not to mention the ongoing staff shortage crisis.

We partner with the Now Book It restaurant reservation platform to deliver SMS notifications for table booking confirmations and reminders after hearing how they have supported restauranteurs during these challenging times. This blog will explore the similarities between today’s marketers and restauranteurs, and I think you’ll be surprised by what we found. 

First, let’s start with some of the key traits of successful restauranteurs;

1. Passion

2. Resilience

3. Strong work ethic

4. Quality

5. Leadership

6. Caring for Staff

7. Expertise

8. Service

9. Provide value for money

10. Planning

11. Safety and regulations

Marketers today face many challenges relating to tech, resourcing, ideas, suppliers, customers, and products and to succeed need to call upon similar traits;

1. Passion – being passionate about your customers, products, business, and brand is essential to keeping motivated when times are tough, deadlines approach, and stress levels rise.

2. Resilience – being able to react, recover, reinvent and spring back. 

3. Strong work ethic – putting in the hours, you only get out what you put in, nothing worthwhile comes easily, and great things can take time to achieve.

4. Quality – set the highest standards for your content and materials and do the same for your suppliers and partners. Quality cannot be compromised.

indeed (the job and recruitment service provider) provide some excellent advice when it comes to the question, ‘what makes a good marketer?’

  • Good strategy
  • Focused relationships
  • Data-driven
  • Storytelling

5. Leadership – have a clear direction, encourage innovation and inclusivity

6. Team – collaborate, identify and play to individuals and the team strengths (include identifying weaknesses)

Harvard Business Review identified years ago that collaboration between Marketing and other business units, particularly Sales, is critical.

7. Expertise – know what you’re talking about, do your research, have the answers ready, get trained and continue to learn

8. Service – when it comes to Customer service, you’ll soon find out whether you’re delivering good Customer experiences, reviews, returns, or no-shows.

9. Value for money – pricing can be tricky and can be a determining factor in overall business success

The Australian Government provides some helpful advice and tips here;

10. Planning – set goals, identify tasks, share the vision, and have a purpose, including regular sessions to analyse performance.

And finally, 

11. Regulations – it is critical to keep abreast of regulations surrounding the use of Customer Data, Customer Communications, including GDPR, the Spam Act, Advertising standards, copyright, privacy etc

My thanks to the content providers included in this piece and also to Craig Joel, Managing Director at Now Book It and Luke Mangan renowned Executive Chef and owner of the Luke Mangan Group for the inspiration for this piece with their continued support of the Hospitality industry and their energy and passion for seeing the world become a better place.


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