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Marketing Mag’s hugely popular podcasts are back! Each episode, host Dave Jackson goes face-to-face with a senior marketer from a leading Australian brand. MarCast digs deep into their approach to strategy, branding, customer, tech, team leadership and more. Episodes are available now on Apple PodcastsSpotify and Google Play.

Episodes nine and ten: Amanda MacMillan, Customer Marketing lead ANZ at Nufarm

In episodes nine and ten, Amanda and Dave get into the weeds of marketing in the crop protection and agricultural chemical industry. The pair discuss the introduction of Nufarm’s marketing role; Amanda’s team; marketing investment; customer-centricity; channels and growers; product and messaging, solving problems; consistency of the message; communications; nurturing an overarching brand; brand personality; 18th century guys with no teeth; customer insight; farmers on Twitter; social media; technical capability; Australian manufacturing; brands with stewardship; sales and marketing alignment; six questions in 60 seconds.

Episodes seven and eight: Sarah Murdoch, Global Marketing director at Jurlique

In episodes seven and eight, Sarah and Dave dive into all things cosmetic; how sustainability and nature are intwined with the Jurlique brand, trends and copycats in the cosmetic industry and the difficulties of scaling from domestic to international business. Later in the chat, Sarah reveals the marketing lessons she’s learned from her time in the Chinese market; the pair discuss how the experience influences her strategies today, how the Chinese and Australian markets differ and one brand with a pretty poor reputation around the world that’s making some very interesting moves in the East.

Episodes five and six: Ben Hill, Marketing, Innovation and Corporate affairs Director at Bega Cheese

In episodes five and six, Ben and Dave get into the nitty gritty of the iconic Australian food brand, Bega Cheese. Hill, who’s been with the brand since mid-2017  speaks about internalising its identity within the culture of the workplace, why he no longer solely hires marketers with FMCG experience, bringing the Vegemite brand back to Australia, what’s coming up next for the brand and much, much more.

Episodes three and four: Mo Bhargava, (former) General manager of Sales and Marketing at Village Entertainment and Topgolf Australia

Episodes three and four are Jackson’s chat with Mo Bhargava, general manager of sales and marketing at Village Entertainment and Topgolf. Since recording, Bhargava has moved to BIG4 Holiday Parks. These are still must-listen episodes, however, as Bhargava offers rich background into his career and overall marketing philosophy, and how he applied it in his five years at the iconic Village Entertainment brand.

Episodes one and two: Isaac Smith, Executive manager Customer marketing, REA Group

In episode one and two, Jackson speaks with Isaac Smith, executive manager – customer marketing at REA Group. It’s a casual yet candid discussion of REA’s approach to strategy and structure, tech products and platforms, and sales and marketing alignment.

This blog was originally published on Marketing Mag on 2 September 2019. 

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