Malcolm Gladwell & Steven Levitt LIVE

The Future: Disrupted & Reimagined combines economics and behavioural science to reveal what drives human behaviour, motivation and success. Insight-filled, original and immediately practical; five times best-selling author of Outliers, Blink and The Tipping Point, David & Goliath and What The Dog Saw, Malcolm Gladwell and ‘rouge’ economist and best-selling author of Freakonomics, Super Freakonomics and Think Like A Freak, Steven Levitt will bring cutting-edge content, Q&A and immediately actionable insight to audiences in Sydney and Melbourne. Two of the most influential minds of our time; penetrating curiosity, instinctive intuition and a drive for exposing concealed truths, these two masterful storytellers explain the hidden side of everything.

Malcolm Gladwell presents Outliers: The Story Of Success

Gladwell presents an intellectual journey thought the world of “outliers” – what makes high achievers different? He illuminates secret patterns behind every day phenomena revealing lessons by unravelling intriguing mystery. Gladwell tears down the myth of individual merit to explore how culture, circumstance, timing, birth and luck account for success – and how historical legacies can hold others back despite ample individual gifts.

Steven Levitt presents Freakonomics & SuperFreakonmics – The Business & Management Lessons Behind Them

Levitt invites audiences to go beneath the surface of modern business practices. Through witty, first-rate storytelling, Levitt exposes new ways to create behavior change, the incentives that work and don’t work and the value in asking unpopular questions.

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