Maintain your CPM status!

Maintain your CPM status! Don’t forget to submit your professional maintenance form.

We kindly remind to all CPM Members that in order to maintain your personal CPM status and help preserve the authenticity of CPM accreditation in general, you required to undertake a minimum of 100 hours of professional development over a three-year period (or 33 hours per year). Click here to read more on how you can submit your Professional Maintenance Program (PMP)  form.

How to maintain your CPM status

Please complete and submit your Professional Maintenance Program (PMP) form outlining the details of your 33 hours of annual professional development, achieved via structured learning such as CPM workshops, tertiary study, marketing forums and management training, as well as some informal activities such as industry and academic readings. Your PMP is subject to random auditing and must meet the criteria and policies set by the Australian Marketing Institute Accreditation and Endorsement Board Committee.

What if you need more CPM points?

If you don’t currently have enough points for automatic CPM status, there are plenty of opportunities to gain additional points by attending AMI events and free webinars for AMI members.

Continue your professional development with up to 30% off AMI Professional Development Workshops! The AMI training and events calendar is always filled with fantastic workshops and networking events to help build your knowledge and grow your influence. Register now and give your Professional Maintenance Program a boost! Take a look at upcoming webinars to get inspired.

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